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"The Business B*tch" Coffee Mug

Product image 1"The Business B*tch" Coffee Mug
Product image 2"The Business B*tch" Coffee Mug
Product image 3"The Business B*tch" Coffee Mug
Product image 4"The Business B*tch" Coffee Mug
Product image 5"The Business B*tch" Coffee Mug
Product image 6"The Business B*tch" Coffee Mug

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Kelly Kapoor knows the importance of branding herself. She could have been the diet b*tch, the shopping b*tch, or the etiquette b*tch, but she went with what she truly is deep down: the business b*tch. Celebrate the b*tch you were born to be, and let everyone in the office know it. The right mug can make a world of difference, and with this mug, you can be the business b*tch you’ve always dreamed of. Let every day be a good day, unlike Romeo and Juliet (the Claire Danes one).

  • OFFICE CUP – It is important to brand yourself, and better way than to follow the advice of Kelly Kapoor. With this 16 oz. mug, you can say each and every morning, “This day is bananas! B-A-N-A-N-A-S!”
  • EASY TO MANAGE – Kelly might not be easy to manage, but this high quality 16oz. ceramic coffee mug is. For those who question the awesomeness of this Dunder Mifflin mug, we will respond with our own questions. Number one, how dare you?
  • FOR PROPER HYDRATION – This high-quality cup holds whatever you want. Whether you’re craving coffee, tempted by tea, or you just want water, this mug holds 16 ounces of your favorite drink.
  • PERFECT PRESENT – Give the best to the best. Whether it’s to a Jim Halpert or a Pam Beesly or even Ryan, this fun practical gift is great for Christmas, a birthday party, housewarming, or simply because someone’s a fan.
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