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Schrute Farms Coffee Mug

Product image 1Schrute Farms Coffee Mug
Product image 2Schrute Farms Coffee Mug
Product image 3Schrute Farms Coffee Mug
Product image 4Schrute Farms Coffee Mug
Product image 5Schrute Farms Coffee Mug
Product image 6Schrute Farms Coffee Mug

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Once known as the most northern battle of the Civil War, and beating Gettysburg in terms of DPA (deaths per acre), today Schrute farms is known for its hospitality, outhouse, and Mose. Celebrate REAL history (and not what the Gettysburg-Industrial Complex will have you believe) with this 16 oz. coffee mug, and pay no attention to the spirits that haunt this hallowed ground.

  • OFFICE CUP – For those who expect a night away to have less manure (some manure, just less), stay away. For everyone else, this 16 oz. mug is perfect no matter what themed room at the farm you’re staying in: America, irrigation, or nighttime.
  • CAN’T BE BEET – This high quality 16oz. ceramic coffee mug is better than anything you would get at the Beets Motel or Radish Inn, and is something you could bring with you to work at Dunder Mifflin.
  • FOR PROPER HYDRATION – This high-quality cup holds whatever you want. Whether you’re craving coffee, tempted by tea, or you just want water, this mug holds 16 ounces of your favorite drink.
  • PERFECT PRESENT – Give the best to the best. Whether it’s to a Jim Halpert or a Pam Beesly or even an Angela Martin, this fun practical gift is great for Christmas, a birthday party, housewarming, or simply because someone’s a fan.
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